Will you cancel our tour if it might rain?

Your safety is of the utmost importance. We hire highly-trained guides who are focused on making sure you have the best Eventure possible. When it comes to making a call about the weather - our guides are highly-trained to make the decision to call it or roll with it.  If the forecast calls for a “rain on our parade” our guides will make the call. We will provide you with a “rain check” to get you on a subsequent tour (based on availability) or a full refund.

Where do the tours typically start from?

Always a good question. The majority of our tours start conveniently from our sister store Pedego Electric Bikes 30A parking lot in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, located in the Watercolor Crossings Shopping Center.


174 Watercolor Way, #106, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

How late can I cancel and still get a refund?

Why would you want to cancel the fun train and halt the best time you’ll spend on a bicycle as an adult? We may never know, but If you want a full refund, give our fun-loving crew a 48-hour heads up. Write us an email, send us a letter, sing us a song, or just simply call us (850-598-3884). We’ll take WHATEVER, as long as it’s documented within 48 hours before your tour starts.  

What do I need to bring?

Great question. Generally, our answer to this will be nothing but a smile but feel free to bring extra cash or your card should you find something you can't live without along the way. We do recommend comfortable “bike riding” attire, some sunscreen, and of course, identification so we can prove who you say you are. 

How far will the bikes really go?

Well, considering they have pedals, pretty much indefinitely, however the “electric” range will typically get you 30-60 miles on a charge. Considering our longest tours are around 18 miles … we’d say plenty far. Pedal or not, you won't get to tired or too hot!

How are “motorized” bicycles allowed on the path?

Great question! They’re actually not classified as motorized bicycles at all, but simply bicycles. As long as the electric “helper” motors aren’t over 750 Watts, and they don’t assist you over 20mph, they’re classified by Federal, State, and County law as a bicycle. It’s simply a greener way to get you around our beautiful area in the best atmosphere possible, out of traffic on the bike path.

What is the password I need to remember to get back on the tour?

Snuffaluffagus (not a real thing, but we’d love you to tell your friends who aren’t reading the FAQ’s)

I’ve never ridden an electric bike, should I be worried?

100% no. Our guides are the highest of professionals and we treat EVERY customer as though they’ve never ridden an electric bike. We will take our time to ensure you are completely comfortable with how the bikes work, and offer you some test rides before we start - you'll be confident and comfortable before we embark on the tour. Once the tours start, NO ONE will be left behind. Eventures sole mission is to provide everyone an extremely fun and fresh way to see our beautiful area.

Can I take pictures?

100% YES! However that being said, no phones/pictures are allowed while bikes are in motion. We will have periodic stops to both chat and talk to you about our most famous and picturesque hot spots in South Walton.

In what areas in South Walton do you guys tour?

We are in the sweet spot of Florida's Emerald Coast, so we tour all over South Walton County.
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Is the water really that blue?